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Bad Daddy Has Just released their first single on Chester Street Records  We are getting ready to release our first CD album right now, we’re still working on the final details 

  Contact us if you’re interested in buying a CD.

Bad Daddy Demo CD
Shades of Blue
Released June, 2006
Price : $12.00 + $3.95 Postage
and handling

Our First Album  2 CD's
Uther Pendragon - Resurrection
Released 2005
$11.95 each
both for $22.00 + $5.95 Postage
and handing

The Loading Zone CD
Album Released 1968
Still available at some record stores
Mostly in Europe

We’re still working on material for our full-length CD's.  Details coming soon!
Burn't Offerings CD
Released 2006
FCP Group, Country CD.
$9.97 plus shipping and handling
Chester Street Records
Chester Street Records
Vintage   Bad Daddy
Bad Daddy's First CD For Chester Street Records was released October 4, 2011. Its been available on  Reverbnation as an unmastered download of the entire CD or individual songs.   Some of the tracks on this CD are with George Newcom who died a year ago under tragic circumstances and who the CD is dedicated to, some of the new songs are with their new drummer, Vini  Carini. 
Copyright 2010
Copyright 2011
Bad Daddy's New CD "Vintage" can be downloaded as a full CD for $6.99 or as individual songs at 89 cents each at: Amazon.com, eMusic, iTunes, Rapsady, Napster.
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