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Our Band, Bad Daddy, first formed in 2005 with Bruce Marelich, Mark Lightcap and Cole Spohr singing lead vocals.    Bruce playing lead guitar, Cole playing guitar and mandolin, Mark on guitar and keyboards.  George Newcom on the drums, and Jarrad on the bass joined this year.  Ever since they were added, we’ve been playing our hearts out, polishing our songs, getting ready to play local (Northern California) venues, working on original material and preparing for our first break.

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Bad Daddy Rehearsal
Bruce Marelich, guitarist, singer and writer for Bad Daddy.  Bruce has been performing since 1965 when he formed "The Blue Fever" and started writing his first song, "Whisky Is A Sin"  which is still performed by Bad Daddy in their country set..Bruce writes both blues and country music. as well a rock.
Mark Lightcap
Bruce Marelich
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Mark Lightcap, guitarist, keyboards, vocalist and song writer with several sales and listed on ASCAP, (Not the Mark Lightcap From Acetone).  Mark writes country, rock, pop and several other styles of music when required..  Mark has been playing with Bruce since 1965 under five or six different band names, most notably, Uther Pendragon.
Cole Spohr
Cole Spohr, has been with Bad Daddy for some time now, waiting to find a drummer and bass player so the group could play out.  From Paradise, California, (near Chico) Cole plays guitar, mandolin, and sings as well as write songs like the powerful "Life Of Sorrow", "West World"  and the memorable "Parade" all country oriented songs that fit easily into a blues song list..  Cole is a powerful singer and performer who is a wonderful addition to Bad Daddy..
George Newcom, Drummer, is a musician  with life long credentials.  Before joining Bad Daddy, George has played in several cover bands over the years.  he also spent time as a radio commentator, video editor.  George is the son of Sammy Newcom who had a dance band in the 40's and 50's.
Several of the members of Bad Daddy remember George as the drummer for the legendary "Loading Zone" who were perennial favorites at the Fillmore and Avalon Ballrooms during the height of the San Francisco sound created by Bill Graham and Tom Donahue among others.
Ray Fernandes. Right, is the youngest and newest Bad Daddy, and is Mark Lightcaps nephew.
Ray is a very good guitarist but tried out the bass to play with Bad Daddy, which he has handled quite well.  It is also known that he is a very good singer, which will be utilized more as he settles in to the Bands original material.
Bad Daddy has been chosen to acompany the artwork of California Artist Walter Klemm on a series of videos to promote the Artist Work.  Produced by Craig R. Pedersen's  Studio X., long associated with Bad Daddy, there are part of eleven videos using Bad Daddy Music.
Jarrad Benedict, Bass
Vera Bridges, Violin and vocals
Vinnie Carini
Hi, Craig. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I’m not much of a computer guy.

So, you want my vital statistics, huh? Well, my full name is Vincent Carini but I go by Vinnie. I was born and raised in New York and moved to California in 1975 at the age of 24. I’ve been playing drums since I was 8 or 9 years old. I played in many garage bands through my teens and learned to sing harmony on the street corner with the neighborhood do-wop thugs. I learned to play guitar in Viet Nam. I spent my 20’s trying to be a singer-songwriter but finally realized that the drums were what I was meant to play. I still write songs. I also dabble with piano and harmonica and record my own songs in my home studio.

I moved to Chico in 1981. Since then I have played drums in various country, rock, and blues bands. Currently, besides being the newest Baddaddy, I am also a member of The Mill Creek Blues Band which plays original tunes as well as rock and blues covers.

As soon as I can figure out how to e-mail a photo I’ll get one to you.

Thanks for the welcome. I’ll get back to you soon.