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Television Pilot

A televison pilot concept in the very popular “Reality TV” format has been written up by Craig Pedersen based on Bad Daddy incredible range and versatile styles of music.  It all came up because of a Rock Song Written By Mark Lightcap called “Hippie From The Sixties”.

                                                      Bad Daddy
                                                            Hippies From The Sixties
                                                Tag line: The band that never made it -Still at it
                                                                  By Craig R Pedersen

Reality Television:

American Idle rules the television airways, Internet Music is on the move, the major labels and stars are feeling hard times. New groups are having hard times filling concerts, sixties and seventies groups are selling out everywhere.  Re-issues of seventies albums are selling more than they did originally.  These are seeming to be complete contradictions, but are they?
“Reality Television” has taken a firm grip on American audiences. “The Survivors”, “American Chopper”, “American Idol” and many others have now spawned a channel of there own on cable and satellite (Fox Reality) and every other channel is getting their own reality shows .  There audience numbers often overwhelm those of network dramas and situation comedies which cost ten times as much to make.  Funeral homes, fishing boats, modeling, ballroom dancing have all become popular subjects for reality television.  
More people voted on the last American Idol than ever voted for President of the United States.  Even more importantly, they voted for someone the judges, and producers said didn’t have a chance.  The winner of last years grammy award for the best new album was the winner of American Idol from the year before.
The reason well watch this type of programing is simple, we relate to it and the everyday people involved more than the elites that are the foundation of the other media.  We are Johnny Cash, more than Pavarotti, we are Joe Cocker, more than Sarah Brightman, we are Louis Armstrong rather than Mozart.  On top of that, reality television has less political baggage to divide the audience.  

The Concept:

Sixties rock artists who came close but never made it, still out their playing their music, writing new songs, playing were ever they can get a few people together to listen.    They play blues if they can get into a blues club, county if they can get into a country western bar, folk rock or pop if that is what is required at the place they are playing and they play it all with style and power that only experience and love can give you.

The Subject:

Bad Daddy made up of people out of two sixties rock bands from the San Francisco Sound (1964 to 1976) Bruce Marelich and Mark Lightcap from the rock band Uther Pendragon, George Newcom, from the soul band “The Loading Zone” who played with many of the rock greats of that period, Fresh Cream,. The Who, Country Joe And The fish, The Tubes, among others.  There are also new members Cole Spohr, who has never played in public before and Ray Fernandes, who is the nephew of Mark Lightcap and Craig Pedersen, the bands manager, producer, and artistic mentor as well as a writer.
There are also original band members: Martin Espinosa, Mike Beers, Fayden Holmboe,
Derek French who can be incorporated into the shows subjects.

The Material:*

88 Sixties and Seventies Originals By Uther Pendragon
15 Blues & Rock originals by Bruce Marelich
4 Country originals By Bruce Marelich
30 plus Country originals by Mark Lightcap
20 plus Blues, Rock and pop originals by Mark Lightcap
as well as twenty more songs by Cole Spohr and Craig Pedersen.

*All rights held by Members of Bad Daddy and Studio X. By contractual agreement.