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A Full Size Music CD for 1 Dollar?
Are you kidding me?

Does this sound impossible?

Chester Street Records, announces the release of a CD with (15) full length songs by their exciting new group Bad Daddy. 

If you tired of paying $29.95 for a CD with one song you really like and have started to buy the singles from Apple, Rhapsody or Napster for .99 cents, this will bring you into what will become the mainstream of music production and release.

The Big labels in the music industry are close to bankruptcy today, many could die at any time and justly so.  When you buy from them, you are paying for a huge costly overhead to the wealthy label , who have traditionally ripped the artists off until they are big enough to sell on their own.

The Beatles made almost nothing on their first few albums, like most groups at the time.  The Beatles fought back with the formation of “Apple” records at the end of their career.  Most of the money made by the Beatles albums came from the Apple albums and the money collected for airplay by ASCAP.

But Apple had the same problems as the other labels when it comes to overhead.  They didn’t have the computer, or more importantly, the Internet through which they could sell their music.

If you want to take part in the making of history in the music business.  If you would like to take part in making the first million dollar group without paying 28 dollars to a bunch of millionaire no names in Hollywood.  If you are into music and can’‘t stomach the crap that big labels get on the airwaves with payola, then you might consider fighting back.  Then join us and become the proud recipient of the first CD released without the leaches getting cuts they don’t deserve with today’s media.

When you go to our purchase page, you fill in the form, and then download the great new CD by this group of musicians born out of the era of the San Francisco sound, the “Golden Age of rock music”.  You will be able to cut this music on your own CD in your Computer and it will play on any CD or DVD player.  Because it is downloaded from the internet, you will also have a Lightbright label for the CD if you have the required drive and in addition you will get the printed label and artist material in a PDF file you can also print. 

Then you will get an e-mail back from Chester Street Records with another free song to sent to all your friends.  If you got your free song from a friend, then your Email will have your number and the number of the person who sent it to you.  This will become more important when we make our 1 millionth sale.

Your Part!

Other than buying the CD for yourself, how do you "Take Part" in this historical adventure into the Future.  Thats easy!  When you download your copy of the CD, you will get an Email back that will thank you for the purchase and containing an additional free song and you entry number.  you will forward this email to all your friends so that they can get a free song and if they participate, their own "One Dollar CD".  And repeat the action. 

Chester Street Records
  • One Free Song with our email
  • Then a full length CD for one us dollar.
  • With the 1 millionth CD sale, all those who took part will be able to enter their code number and get a free download of the Bad Daddy Video DVD version for of the album for your personal use.
  • But thats not all!!
  • You will also be in the drawing for a "Private Party" with Bad Daddy as the entertainment.
  • Then you will get free tickets for the Celebration Party/Concert in California for you and three friends. 
Take part in the rise of the first grass roots super group.
Send a message to the Hollywood elites.
This is the way all people will buy music in the future.
Play your CD on your stereo, your Television, your computer, or your iPod, smart phone or any other playback device you wish.
Have a listen on MySpace
Have a Look from You tube!
Worried we're going to add charges or require an additional purchase.   We are not!  We will have other CD's you can buy if you wish, also for $1 dollar in this downloadable form.
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Bad Daddy is a blues, rock, country band who were fromed from the legendary San Francisco band Uther Pendragon who played from 1965 through 1978 on the west coast.  To of the members of uther Pendragon formed Bad Daddy because they were dying to get out to play again. 
Opening Soon!!
Planned Release
in June 2011.