Mark Lightcap and His Wife Darlene
Cross the Country in New Mini Cooper
Sammy Newcom Celebrating His Ninetieth Birthday 
At Family Gathering In the Redding Hilton Garden Inn Hotel here to add text.
Sammy Newcom, Father of George Newcom of Bad Daddy, Was treated to a surprise Birthday Party recently in the Wintu Room at the Redding Hilton Garden Inn.  The party was set up by his family with nthe help of Bad Daddy Associate, Bruce Armington, who is a long time friend of both Sammy and his sone George.
  Those who know George know that his father was the band leader of Sammy Newcom and His Orchestra. His father and mother like, George have spent their retirement here in Redding Ca., where they own real estate.   George is the most recent member of Bad Daddy;'and  adds greatly to the finesse of the bands sound.  George himself was the drummer for "The Loading Zone", an Oakland Band From the late sixties that played second bill at Fillmore Ballroom for some of the most renowned groups of the day,.
Five Songs On
"Burnt Offerings",
A Country CD
i      TheTexas Country music company called FCP Group Just released a new country music Cd Called "Burnt Offerings" that has five songs co written by Bad Daddy singer songwriter Mark Lightcap.  The new CD has four of the songs done by other artists but one, Headlights, is sung by Mark himself.  Among the songs listed on the CD, the ones Mark co wrote, Miss Penny, Make A Little Time, From Smiles to Promises, Headlights and Your Heart Is My Home.  We have included ad Jump Link to the site on the Discography page, but you can check it out and listen to short cuts from here The price is 9.97 plus shipping and handlingo add text.
Bad Daddy  At  Lakehead's  "Klub Klondike" October 20 ere to add text.
Bad Daddy has been booked into the "Klub Klondike" October 20, 2007 to play from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM..  "Klub Klondike" is the historic restaurant and lounge on Main Street in Lakehead,  California, 30 miles north of Redding California, at the northern tip of the Sacramento arm of Shasta Lake.  The club has been operated at this location since the early fifties and is popular with locals and  tourists to add text.
Owned By Leon and Lynn Womack for several years, it is a populer part of the active 
Shasta Lake night life.  Leon was a road and recording musician himself until they Bought "Klub Klondike".
Leon Still keeps his fingers in the music, playing with "Leon Womack and the Boogie Bears". 
Hey Bad Daddies,
Here are a couple pic’s of today and yesterday: My new Mini Cooper and an Amish horse drawn carriage toodling down the road. Although from different eras, they both emit an exhaust. One only had to look down at the road to see the exhaust from the horse drawn carriage, yuk, yuk.
Darlene and I have successfully completed the first part of our mission. We picked the Cooper up in Southampton, drove up to visit our friends in Simcoe, Ontario in Canada, eh, and are now in Goshen, Indiana. As you can tell from the second photo, this is Amish country. We drove the back roads and musta seen a
*Continued Below
My New Mini Cooper at the start of our trip
Big Horse Resort and RV
Featuring Backbone Jones and Bad Daddy For Event.
The newly opened Big Horse Resort & RV, on the mountain above Lakehead, off Gilman Road at Salt Creek. The party is hoped to be the first of many annual parties to close off the Tourist season at Lake shasta. 
The party will be open to the public and feature the local cover band "Backbone Jones" and "Bad Daddy" who play original music with sounds out of the forties to the ninties..

Mark Lightcap and his wife Darlene Returned August 25 from a three week adventure driving across the county in a new car they bought in New York State.  Heres the story i8n Marks own words:.
Bad Daddy to play third party for the Hells Angles, this time for a party here at "Lakeshore Resort " in Lakehead, California.   They are scheduled to play from 8:00PM until 12:00 PM .
Bad Daddy At Hells Angels Party
Sept. 7th At Lakeshore Resort
A classic American Roadhouse that dates back to the 1950"s
My New Mini Cooper
Continued from above
dozen horse drawn buggies going down the road. It was pretty cool witnessing people who refused to speed up and keep pace with
today's intense society. From here we head to St. Croix in Wisconsin on our way to Mount Rushmore. We've taken over 400 pictures so far. We'll have
everyone over for a 3 hour slide show when we get home. (Just kidding.)
Although we're having a great time, I can't wait to get home so Bad Daddy can do some practicing to get ready for our Hells Angel's gig and the Dharma
Center benefit.
Reporting live from Goshen, Indiana this is Bad Daddy Mark signing off.

Darlene and I are in Rapid City and just got back from Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Both monuments were absolutely amazing. Crazy Horse is still under construction and may not be completed in our lifetime. The head of Chief Crazy Horse is completed but the horse and his upper body still need to be sculpted. It is very inspiring. Another weird thing I read there was that the sculptor was born on the same day Crazy Horse died. (They're both dead now but the work on the monument continues on.)

We're headed to Cody, Wyoming tomorrow and then to Yellowstone Park to meet some bears and buffalo.

It's been a great trip so far and the Mini Cooper is fantastic with lots of leg room inside, but I can't wait to get back to Bad Daddy and get back to it.

Bad Daddy Schedule:
Sept 7 -Hells Angels (Private Party)
Lakeshore Resort
Sept. 22 - Acustical Gig for Budist Group in Chico. (Canceled)
Sept. 29 - Big Horse Resort & RV
Lakeshore (open to the public (Ten dollars)
With "Backbone Jones"  1:00 PM to 1:00 AM
Oct. 20 - Klub Klondike, Lakehead Ca., 9:00PM to !:00 AM
See Show Schedule for more information