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Bad Daddy is a newly formed band, but several of the members have been playing since the sixties. Bruce Marelich (Lead guitar and singer) and Mark Lightcap (Guitar, keyboards and singer) have been playing together since 1965, in a band called "The Blue Fever".  They played together in "Timne", "JustUs", "Mandala", Then in "Uther Pendragon". Cole Spohr (guitar and mandolin, singer) started with Bad Daddy about three years ago when they first started play their new music.  He took part in the first Pendragon Reunion.  Cole has a strong baritone voice and a knack for powerful song delivery.
George Newcom (drums) joined us this year.   He came out of "The Loading Zone" and was with the group from the mid sixties to 1972. He played in cover bands since then, here in the Redding Ca.area.  George is out of a musical family, his father "Sammy Newcom was the conductor of a dance band himself. 
Ray Fernandes, (bass), Marks nephew, another newcomer but into the music and the band. 
Bad Daddy plays blues sets,  country sets, and rock - pop sets, and mixed sets, depending on the audience and or the venue.  We are the first of a new breed of "Multi Streamers".  We are not satisfied with having to play just one generic sound in music.
The last forty years, groups have been mixing one form of music with rock to get blues rock, hard rock, soft rock country rock and so on.  If you check, most groups pick out a genera and they play only that.
Uther Pendragon in it's time wanted to get away from three cord Rock and Roll and introduce the kind of structure that classical music allowed musicians. 
Bad Daddy is Blues, Bad Daddy is Country, Bad Daddy is Rock, and Bad Daddy will be playing these styles and adding the flavors of music from as far back as the twenties, all the way to the present.

Bad Daddy
The original Bad Daddy, included left to right: Ray Fernandes, who left the band for his job and because he wanted more time for his new girlfriend; Bass; Mark Lightcap, Guitar & Keyboards;George Newcom, Drums;  Cole Spohr, Guitar ; Bruce Marelich,  Lead Guitar.