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George Newcom, 63, Drummer for Bad Daddy died last night of a heart attack in Red Bluff California.  He had stopped at a rest stop when he had pains in his leg  and abdomen and he called 911.  Officers found him in possession of marijuana and took him to a local hospital where he was cleared and taken to jail .  He was found several hours later unresponsive and pronounced dead at  at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff . 
Those who knew George were shocked by the drug charges which was out of character for this long time local celebrity.
George Was a member of the legendary regional band "The Loading Zone" who played the Fillmore in San Francisco more than any other band of the period. 
George  moved to Redding in 1968 and spent time as a disk Jockey on  KQMS AM 1400 and KNR locally where he worked with Carl Anthony Peel for a popular morning talk show . A regular fixture in Redding events he was an MC at talent shows and other local events for many years.
George's Father, Sammy Newcom, was a big band orchestra leader in the forties as leader of "Sammy Newcom and his Orchestra who also died recently.
Bad Daddy Drummer George Newcom Died of A Heart Attack In Red Bluff California, July 1, 2010
In the recording studio of Mark Lightcap recently where he was recording a new CD with Bad Daddy for Chester Street Records.  Playing Drums as a passion for George, who came from a musical family.