Hello and welcome to the Bad Daddy official website. This is the introduction or the latest transition in the band,.  Ray Fernandes, the original bass player, droped out of the band with work and relationship obligations.  Jarrad Benedict has taken his place and is heard on these recordings.  Mark Lightcap is recording this latest Bad Daddy material.
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Bad Daddy, left to right: Mark Lightcap, Guitar & Keyboards; Cole Spohr, Guitar ; Vinnie Carini, Drums;  Jarrad Benedict, Bass; Bruce Marelich,  Lead Guitar; Vera Bridges, Violin.
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There is also a new Bad Daddy  Facebook page:
Chester Street Records

Bad Daddy has just registered a new record company and publishing company with ASCAP and EMI.
Chester Street Records and
Chester Street Publishing
In preperation for release of their first CD.
Electronic Press Kit
The Bad Daddy sound is derived to fourty years of playing music and interest in many sounds and styles.  A mixture of Rock, Blues, Country in sounds that range from the 20's & 30"s country like "That Ol Hound Dog", the forties style of "Stingy", Rock like "Playing With Fire", and 50's Folk like "Life of Sorrow". 30's & 40's blues like "Roll On", they are smooth and confident at every style the adopt.
Bad Daddy played a live one hour radio concert on the "Not Necessarily Nashville"  Show hosted by Peter Ratner  Americana, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Folk  Show
They were on the air live Saturday April 24, 2010
From 4:00 TO 5:00 pm
kzfr fm radio 90.1      jump here
live show - Bad Daddy
Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that Stingy is being played in Australia on COUNTRY MUSIC ENTERPRISES [ 2YO] (88.9 FM) and Almost is being played in El Paso, Texas on station KTEP [KTEP] (88.5 FM). They downloaded our songs from Airplay Direct.

Great gig yesterday. Everyone I spoke with said we sounded amazing.

Bad Daddy Mark :)

Bad Daddy on the Air World Wide!!
hear the show here!
Stepping Off Into the Future
By: Craig Pedersen, editor and publisher
Saturday April 24, 2010 Bad Daddy had the opportunity to step off into the future of commercial Music.   That day they did a ‘Live’ Radio Show called  “Not Necessarily Nashville”, hosted by Peter Ratner on KZFR  FM Radio 90.1 in Chico California.  This station has a large broadcast pattern in the central valley of northern California.  But this show was listened to by people in Canada, Florida, and available to friends in Sweden, or any place you can link up to the internet.
Like the breakthrough in the seventies, when Tom Donahue of KYA and part owner of Autumn Records took over KSAN FM radio and introduced us to “Underground Radio”, all the music longer than 2.4 minutes they wouldn’t play on top Forty.  We are now stepping out into the greatest adventure in media imaginable.  I have to tell you that the idea of a radio station having a live group doing one hour, damn that hasn’t been common since the fifties.
I personally listened from Carmichael, California but the guys have Friends in Florida and Canada who listened live.   After that show we find out that “Stingy” is being played in Australia on COUNTRY MUSIC ENTERPRISES [ 2YO] (88.9 FM) and “Almost” is being played in El Paso, Texas on station KTEP [KTEP] (88.5 FM). They downloaded our songs from Airplay Direct on the internet.  

No Reply by Bad Daddy
Chester Street Records upcoming release of Bad Daddy, "No Reply" is a Signiture song for this stylish group.  The visual is also a bit different when judged against MTV or VH1. the style is more like a collogue, a medium of blenced graphic re aranged or processed to make it something speaking with a new voice.
Little Old Man  Bad Daddy
Copyright 2010
Hippie From The 60's by Bad Daddy
Life of Sorrow by Bad Daddy
Dancing With The Devil
by Bad Daddy
Almost  - Bad Daddy
Bad Daddy has been chosen to acompany the artwork of California Artist Walter Klemm on a series of videos to promote the Artist Work.  Produced by Craig R. Pedersen's  Studio X., long associated with Bad Daddy, there are part of eleven videos using Bad Daddy Music.
The latest from Bad Daddy
Playing With Fire - Bad Daddy
That Ol Hound Dog - Bad Daddy
Chester Street Records.
You Let The Devil In To Play  Bad Daddy
Almost  - Bad Daddy

Still Rockin' the World by Bad Daddy | ReverbNation
Still Rockin' the World, a Rock album by Bad Daddy on ReverbNation